Could it really be fall? Time flies when you are having fun. I have five kids under eight years old, so we had a very busy summer.

As you approach Q4 and begin to finalize your marketing and sales plans for 2024, I wanted to bring this newsletter back to the mission that drives our company and many of yours: empowering government and education. The technology you provide government helps to innovate systems that assist citizens across the country every day. Leading with our mission helps us stay on track and remember why we do what we do.

1 Big Thing: Where Government Needs Your Help Most

Governing recently released an article using the data from the Center for Digital Government’s 2022 Digital Cities, Counties and States surveys. Our analysts broke down the data to answer one question: How can state and local government overcome IT staffing gaps?

Our team has identified the roles that governments at the city, county and state level are having the toughest time filling, and the innovative approaches they are taking to navigate these workforce shortages.

After digesting this data, I wanted to share two ways you can get started on helping government right away:

  1. Solution mapping: From cybersecurity to application building, the survey data identifies your customers’ most significant talent gaps. Using this data, map out your solutions to better partner with government agencies and develop innovative solutions to their most pressing IT challenges.
  2. Provide training and certification programs: Many government agencies are facing a shortage of qualified IT workers, and offering training and certification programs can help government employees upskill or reskill so they can stay up to date on the latest technologies.

Read the article here.

Ask Me Anything

Thanks for the questions that you all submitted last month! I dug into the mailbag and picked a frequently asked question to answer.

Q: What is the latest on the infrastructure (IIJA) funding? 

The projects and funding continue to roll out … maybe slower than some would like. In fact, roughly $220 billion in IIJA funding has already rolled out to fund technology projects related to cybersecurity, broadband, smart sensors, and of course, roads, bridges, public transit, airports, waterways and clean energy projects.

For the next few years, we’ll see that pace of funding continue with $200+ billion in funding annually. The Biden administration is committed to getting the money out the door as quickly as possible. So, buckle up, we’re just getting started. If you have any questions on how or where this may apply to your offerings, drop me a note.

That’s a wrap for August. Connect with me on LinkedIn and respond to this email with any questions you would like answered in the October newsletter.

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