Welcome to the AI Edition of the Market Insights Newsletter. We know that AI continues to be a hot topic across the gov tech market, so I wanted to provide a roundup of various resources, articles, etc., that have caught my attention.

P.S. Contrary to popular belief, this newsletter was not written by a robot. 🤖

AI Continues to Evolve

I recently shared what we are seeing in this “generative AI evolution” during our Q1 Generative AI Update webinar. From ChatGPT to AutoGPT, if you go on vacation for one week it feels like you will miss a wave of tech from the short Internet hiatus.

Because of this wave, we are seeing a lot of activities around AI legislation. You can see from the orange and yellow on the map (below) the states that have introduced or enacted bills on AI. We are seeing a tremendous amount of AI advancements (and this will not slow down as we continue in 2024).

Government is still working on consistent definitions between states and localities when it comes to discussing AI. We don’t quite have 31 flavors … but there are quite a few differentiations in the way we talk about AI and the use of it in government.

Center for Public Sector AI Is Live!

We’ve been teasing out the launch of Government Technology’s newest center, the Center for Public Sector AI, and it’s now live!

The Center for Public Sector AI is a critical resource for public agencies eager to explore the potential of AI technology. It offers strategic guidance on AI policy, procurement and practical application, ensuring that the public sector is fully prepared to adopt and implement AI in a responsible and effective manner.

Watch this 90 second video to learn a bit more about this new resource.

Most-Read AI-Focused Editorial

Here are a few of the most-read stories from Government Technology and Governing pertaining to AI from the last month:

A couple of the most-read Government Technology stories this month are from March and still going strong. Check them out:

  1. San Jose CIO: AI ‘Challenges Us to Think Differently’
  2. California Releases Generative AI State Procurement Guidelines
  3. Where to Start With AI? Cities and States Offer Use Cases

Here are a few of the top stories from Governing:

  1. Is AI Ready to Replace Human Policy Advisers?
  2. Are We on the Verge of a Public-Sector Performance Renaissance?
  3. The Practical Realities of Property Tax Reforms

See you next month!

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