Hi, it’s Joe Morris! October is Cybersecurity month, so naturally, I want to dive into the newly released Notice of Funding Opportunity (FY 2022) for the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP).

I’ll also share my top reads of the month and a GovTech event (free and virtual) that should be on your radar.

Let’s dive in.

Digging Deeper into Cybersecurity Funding

You may have seen that the Notice of Funding Opportunity (FY 2022) for the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) was released on Friday, Sept. 16th.

We broke down the 100+ pages into a two-pager that provides all you need to know about the program and what you may have missed.

Download it here.

Watch an overview video here: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/752647811/transcript?ts=88400

When looking at how your company can approach the next steps to navigating the grant program, Industry Navigator is a great resource to track the opportunity as well as get access to key government contacts making cybersecurity decisions.

Let us know if you would like to learn more.

What I’m Reading

  1. Florida gets $3 million for Cybersecurity and IT Training
  2. Google Public Sector Gets a New CEO
  3. City of Baltimore uses ARPA funds to establish Digital Services team
  4. Jonathan Feldman is back as a CIO in Wake County, NC

Budgets, Trends and Closing out 2022

Join Dustin and I for a free market update on October 10th at 12 pm PT for a discussion on budgets, trends and closing out 2022. If you plan to be at NASCIO that day, register and we will send you the recording to watch on demand.

46 states released new budgets. We will dive into how this will impact gov tech spending for the remainder of the year and what these budgets tell us about government IT spending for 2023.

This is our last major market update of 2022, so let’s talk about how to finish the year strong and prepare for the new year ahead.

Have a specific question about the market? Feel free to submit your questions to marketing@erepublic.com and we will get back to you, or answer your question in the next edition of the newsletter.

Until next month,
Joe Morris
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