North Dakota’s state government IT spending is projected to reach $250 million in 2024, a 5% increase from 2023. The gov tech market in North Dakota is evolving rapidly, with strategic IT priorities centered around empowering citizens, improving lives and inspiring success.

In a recent webinar hosted by Senior Vice President Phil Bertolini (left), North Dakota State CIO Kuldip Mohanty (right) shared insights into the state’s strategic priorities for 2024 and beyond. He also shared how the North Dakota Business Gateway will be a game-changer for vendors.


Key Strategic IT Priorities for 2024 and Beyond

  1. Reinventing Government: The state aims to deliver seamless, frictionless government services by enhancing digital experiences for both citizens and businesses.
  2. Modernization of Legacy Platforms: North Dakota is reevaluating its current technological landscape to identify the best path forward, including modernization or alternative strategies for legacy platforms.
  3. Cybersecurity as a Whole-of-State Approach: With a focus on hyper-connectivity, cybersecurity remains a critical priority. The state’s comprehensive approach includes expanding third-party risk management frameworks and educating stakeholders on the importance of governance, risk and compliance.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: The state plans to convert its wealth of data into actionable insights, driving more informed decision-making and personalized services for citizens.
  5. Broadband Expansion and Digital Inclusion: Efforts are underway to ensure last-mile connectivity reaches underserved and unserved regions, while simultaneously promoting digital equity and inclusion.


North Dakota Business Gateway: A Digital Transformation Initiative

The North Dakota Business Gateway is a visionary project that aims to revolutionize how businesses interact with state government. Recognizing the need for a streamlined and user-friendly experience, this platform will serve as a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking to establish, expand or manage their operations in North Dakota.

It will be implemented in phases, starting with a select number of agencies before expanding to include a broader range of government services. This phased approach allows for iterative improvements and a focus on user-centric design. By providing businesses with an innovative digital gateway, the state aims to foster economic growth and streamline government interactions in an increasingly digital world.

Watch the full webinar here:


What’s next? Join us at the North Dakota Digital Government Summit

We are thrilled to announce the first North Dakota Digital Government Summit is coming to Bismarck on June 25th. This landmark event brings together technology-focused public-sector professionals with leading industry partners to connect on innovative approaches, get inspired and discover new technologies. Whether you’re looking to connect with North Dakota’s IT leaders or share your latest technologies, the Summit offers unparalleled opportunities.

Why the Summit Matters:

In the words of North Dakota State CIO Kuldip Mohanty, “Being a small but mighty state like North Dakota, the geography of our state is huge. An event like this really helps us bring different parts of the technology community together into one place. Stakeholders from government and industry can exchange ideas, share best practices and explore collaboration opportunities. Our approach has always been to enable a whole-of-state approach, not with each entity working in isolation but together on common goals. If we converge on a few clear ideas and create a thriving collaborative community, we’ll succeed together.”

Interested in getting involved? Contact us to learn more.