During a recent conversation, Brian Cohen, Vice President for the Center for Digital Education, and Ron Bergmann, former Vice President of Information Technology and CIO at Lehman College, discussed the current state of technology in colleges and universities. Bergmann provided unique insights into the challenges facing these institutions.

Three technology issues facing higher education:

  1. Adapting to Pre- and Post-Pandemic Trends: The pandemic significantly affected budget, enrollment and demographic trends in higher education. Institutions must adapt their strategies to these changes, focusing on personalized learning and understanding the implications of remote work.
  2. Cybersecurity: Higher education institutions face increasing cyber threats to digital tools and online learning platforms. Most pressing issues include ensuring robust cybersecurity measures, implementing risk mitigation strategies and maintaining privacy.
  3. Frictionless Digital Services: Colleges and universities are focusing on process automation, digital equity and digital identity to provide a frictionless experience to their students and staff. This includes ensuring equal access to digital resources for all users and implementing efficient systems for managing identities and data.

Advice for Industry: Be Collaborative

Bergmann advises private-sector companies to act as collaborators with higher education schools. These institutions need partners they can rely on to navigate rapid technological changes and manage digital transformations. It is essential that you tailor your approaches to meet their specific needs.

What’s next?

In response to these and many other challenges, the Center for Digital Education has launched a new Cybersecurity and Privacy Imperative initiative focused exclusively on higher education. This program aims to provide organizations with actionable guidance and resources to manage these issues and the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

For industry partners, underwriting this program gives your company an impactful way to share your point of view with higher education leaders across the country in a rapid, turnkey format.

We invite you to play a crucial and collaborative role in the future of our higher education institutions. Let us know if you’re interested in underwriting this exciting program.